Anil Chawla

Anil Chawla receiving a bouquet

Anil Chawla receiving a bouquet from Suryakant Gupta on the occasion of Independence Day.

Anil Chawla speaking

Shri Anil Chawla addressing Symposium on Constitution and Alternatives

Attending a seminar at Kota

Anil Chawla (sitting on extreme right) is attending a seminar at Kota on the subject of educational reforms (11 - 12 February, 2001)

Sitting at an informal discussion

Anil Chawla (center) - attending an informal discussion at the seminar on educational reforms at Kota (11 - 12 February, 2001)

Dais at Udaipur seminar inaugural session

Inaugural Session of the Seminar on developmental reforms at Udaipur. Shri S. Bhandari (Governor of Gujarat) was the Chief Guest (14 - 15 February, 2001)

Chairing a seminar

Anil Chawla is chairing the session while Mahesh Sharma (Chairman, Khadi Village Industries Commission) is addressing the Seminar on Developmental Reforms at Udaipur (14 - 15 February, 2001)

Addressing seminar at Jabalpur

Addressing seminar on Judicial Reforms at Jabalpur on 17 / 18 February, 2001

Anil and Anita Chawla

Anil and Anita Chawla at home in a happy mood

Click here to see some family photographs of Anita and Anil Chawla

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