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Hackers attacked immediately after it was put first in the list of Patriots Online by - suspected to be handiwork of Pakistanis. India has to learn to stand up to such attacks.

When put at first place in its list of Patriots Online on Independence Day, the promoters of the site were elated. But the joy was short-lived.

A few moments later the site was inaccessible. Soon after, offensive material criticizing George Bush, America and India appeared on the site. The painful reality sank in soon. Their site had been hacked by Pakistani hackers.

The site was set up over a year ago and had built up its readership slowly. It was receiving about 100 visitors per day - serious readers interested in intellectual discussion. No publicity, no hype, hardly any photographs, no commercial interests, no advertisements - yet the site had grown, because of its contents. It spared no one, howsoever big or powerful.

The promoters had heard of hacking of Indian sites. But probably they thought that such a thing always happened to others, not to a small site like theirs. What they and probably many of us never realize is that in a war no one is spared. Pakistan is at war with India. Everything that is Indian, better still patriotically Indian, is a target for attack.

The hackers of samarthbharat are probably some overzealous Pakistani students who do such acts without any support or even nod from Pakistani Government. But that is more serious. War against India is not being fought by Pakistani Government alone but also by a significant (though small) section of Pakistani population; And these are not just some illiterate madarsa-educated terrorists; many of them are studying in the best universities of the world.

Indians, in their rush of sentimentality, often forget this harsh reality. Laloo Yadav, basking in the glory of his comic performances, talks of 'burying Kashmir' (no, I am not making it up. He said "dafan kar deejiye" to Prabhu Chopra on Aaj Tak). Our heart goes out for Noor and many other children of Pakistan.

This sentimentality is not reciprocated by Pakistan. They continue steadfastly with their agenda of bleeding India, while we spend money on applying the healing touch to Pakistani children, ignoring thousands of Indian children who die every year without treatment.

The world laughs at our "sissy" attitude, while we think that they are smiling with approval. Nothing illustrates this attitude better than the comment of a friend, when told of the incident. He said, these rediff people should be more responsible; by labelling a few chosen sites as patriots, they actually invited trouble; samarthbharat should protest against rediff.

Again, I did not make it up. A friend really did say it. How ridiculous can we get! will be up on the net in a few days, but will India ever learn to be strong and capable?

Anil Chawla
19 August 2003

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ANIL CHAWLA is an engineer (and now a lawyer too) by qualification but a philosopher by vocation and a management consultant by profession.

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