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15 June 2010

Leakage of gas from Union Carbide factory at Bhopal was a terrible accident. More than two and a half decades later, the understanding about the accident in the mind of common people is limited. Hatred, revenge and anger dominate any deliberations on Bhopal Gas Tragedy. It is time to put all negative emotions aside and use the tragedy as a teacher so that disasters like the one at Bhopal can be prevented.

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December 2010

The author worked for 30 years with the largest cement company of India. As he quit the company, he wrote a letter to some friends summing up his personal vision and philosophy of work. This is not a literary piece. It stems from experience. It shines with its simplicity and down-to-earth (yet, profound) thinking.

14th January, 2000

Indian Banks tend to blame everyone else except themselves for the problem of NPA's. It is high time that they did some introspection. A sad story of the way the entreprenurial talent of the country is being wasted by bureaucratic functioning style of Banks in India.

1 August 2002

BSNL and VSNL, public sector Internet Service Providers impose restrictions on the number of recipients in an email message as well as on the size of attachments in a message. Analysis of the action of the ISP's.

9th September, 1999

An essay on the way Indian talent is caught in socio-cultural cobwebs.

July 1998

Draft of Writ Petition complete with Notice to be sent. Suitable for filing at High Court. Can be modified for Supreme Court. Ideal for Small Scale Industry or association of small scale industries.

21 May 1994

This discussion paper was submitted to Shri LK Advani a few years before BJP came to power. It is not clear whether he read it. But it is a new thought that deserves your careful consideration.