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30 May 2021

Public anger is building up against the government of Narendra Modi. TINA or there is no alternative helped Modi to come to power in the last elections. However, TINA may no longer help BJP and Modi. People may be too angry to be pushed into voting for Modi due to TINA.

April 2021

This is a collection of six poems in Hindi. Three are collections of dohas - one dedicated to politicians and one to greed and one to hope. A poem describes the reaction of people on death of a colleague / friend. There is one gazal which treats the disease as a companion and declares that we shall win over it. The sixth poem expresses the pain and anguish of the poor man of India during lockdown.

19 April 2021

Indian doctors are prescribing a cockatil of antibiotics, anti-viral drugs and steroids for treatment of Covid-19. This flies against scientific advice and WHO recommendations. It may be doing more harm than good.

Hinduism is the world's most ancient religion with followers in every part of the world. Yet, there is much confusion about what Hindu religion is. This book attempts to define Hinduism and describe the foundations of the philosophical framework of Hindu religion. Simultaneously, it gives practical tips on making one's life better, richer and happier. The book (273 pages of size A4) was earlier available for sale at Amazon. Now the book is available for free download in pdf format. Considering the large size of the book, you may consider printing it and reading it at leisure.

28 February 2021

Angkor Wat, the largest religious place on earth, was constructed in Cambodia as a Hindu temple. Today there are no Hindus in Cambodia. Angkor Wat ceased to be a Hindu temple within five decades of construction. When we plan for a grand temple at Ayodhya, the birth-place of Ram, let us learn lessons from Angkor Wat. Instead of grandeur let the place reflect the qualities for which Ram was known - simplicity, idealism and respect for the learned. Let the place be built as a university town and not as a Angkor Wat (temple town, in Cambodian language).

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7 February 2021

This is an open letter addressed to RSS Sarsanghchalak (Chief) asking him to take appropriate steps in view of the farmers agitation and the adverse effects of the agitation on Hindu unity. Irrespective of the likely benefits of the farm laws, the social and political negatives far exceed the positives.

Please download the letter as a printer-friendly pdf file (7 pages) by clicking on the following link

18 June 2020

This mini-book is an attempt to understand the key players, the dynamics, the tools and the goals in the Great War which is unfolding across the globe. The Great War will be unlike the previous wars. Hence, the author has not called it World War III.

24 May 2020

The author talks to his friends in RSS and BJP telling them to take care before it is too late. But, he gets a mouthful from his friends. A satire that is realistic and paints a sad picture of the political realities of today.

3 May 2020

Media is screaming about the large number of Covid-19 deaths. It is important to look at the deaths in terms of deaths per million of population and also in relation to overall mortality rates in the country.

26 April 2020

This article explains the meaning of a famous song from film Waqt. The song is written by Sahir Ludhiyanvi, music by Ravi, sung by Manna De. It is an extremely romantic song that expresses love of a husband for his wife.

9 April 2020

India has taken steps like no other country for combating Coronavirus (Covid-19). The country of 1.3 billion people has been placed under general curfew for weeks. Economic cycle has been badly hurt. It is time that the Coronavirus is viewed in the perspective of various communicable and non-communicable diseases that India has been fighting for decades. The article has been described as "Voice of reason in an insane environment".

5 April 2020

This article in Hindi is a satire on the present situation in India. A villager speaks some harsh truths with apologies and humility. It gives voice to the pains that the poor of the country are experiencing after enforcement of the lockdown as a precaution against Covid-19. Original article is followed by two postscripts dated 7th May and 31st May 2020.

25 March 2020

China has won the first round of economic war. China has suffered a small economic loss and is back on feet, while India and democracies of the world are busy destroying their economies in the name of lockdowns. Doctors who understand neither economy nor war have given disastroous advice to the governments. High time that democracies of the world understand paradigm of the new war where no bullets are fired.

17 March 2020

This is abridged version of the long article about prevention of Covid-19 using ayurved. It provides practical tips to avoid getting hit by the disease and also to reduce the impact if the initial symptoms appear. It also talks about Spanish flu of 1918. If the abridged article interests you, the complete article will surely be useful for you.

Please download the complete unabridged article (printer-friendly pdf file, 11 pages) by clicking on the following link

17 February 2020

Pakistan is a country based on two-nation theory or Islamic Nationhood. Pakistan is at war with the regions that it is located in. Pakistan is constantly trying to wipe out history, culture, language and customs of the people of Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Balochistan. People of these provinces need to be liberated from Pakistan. Liberation of PSKB will lead to their development and growth. It will help the world end terrorism.

27 June 2019

Doctors were at one time held in great esteem by Indians. In recent years, they have fallen in grace. Recent asaults on doctors by patients and their relatives underscore the poor image of physicians. It is high time that the doctors introspect and see themselves critically. Medical education in India also needs to be reviewed and reformed. Medical colleges need to focus on producing human beings and not prescription writing robots.

26 May 2019

Victory of Modi-Shah Combine (BJP) in the Parliamentary elections of 2019 is largely due to the perception that the Combine will stand up to Muslim Bullying and neither encourage nor tolerate it. Almost all non-Muslim communities of India are fed up of bullying by Muslims and are not willing to let political parties encourage such bullying, harassment and persecution.

19 May 2019

Here are five gems of advice for old people. These are based on Hindu thought that treats the cosmos as one unit. The author takes a stand against individualism and hedonism. His focus is on remaining useful and contributing in the life of someone else.

22 February 2019

This article looks at various stages of life and role of friends as one moves through life becoming more lonely with passing years.

31 December 2018

Gantantr or republic is often wrongly considered to be synonym of democracy. Gantantr is not rule of masses. It is rule of people who think and deliberate.

30 December 2018

BRTS or Bus Rapid Transport System is supposed to improve urban transportation. However, BRTS Bhopal has faced extensive criticism. There have been demands for demolishing it. The author in this letter addressed to the Government analyses the fundamental concept of BRTS and discusses how an artifical monopoly has done damage to the concept. Failure of monopoly should not be considered as failure of BRTS. The author gives suggestions for making BRTS work for benefit of the people.

11 September 2018

Indian constitution provided for reservations to uplift the poor and downtrodden sections of Indian society. In the past seven decades, reservations have created a class of persons who have benefitted from reservations. Children of this class of reservation beneficiaries belong to the elite but they still continue to enjoy benefits of reservations effectively blocking the poor of the scheduled castes and tribes from benefitting from reservations. High time that the reservations are better targeted to reach the truly deserving.

24 September 2018

This article analyses the law related to triple talaq enacted by Narendra Modi government, with the declared aim of helping Muslim women. The law converts what ought to be a civil matter to a criminal offence and surely will do more harm than good to Muslim society.

19 February 2018

Nirav Modi is being painted as a culprit, while he is a victim of the stupidity of a finance minister who acted in haste without making any attempt to recover the money at stake. In the process, the foolish minister destroyed not only Nirav Modi and his business, but also brands that were matters of national pride.

27 Ocotber 2017

Supreme Court of India is trying to stop corrosion of the stone which houses the main deity at Mahakaleshwar temple at Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India. The honourable judges do not seem to realize that Hindus do not worship the stone. We worship the Cosmic Spirit which is beyond age, which does not grow old and which is eternal. The stone which is the present abode of the Cosmic Spirit may age and may need to be replaced. Let the honourable court not get into matters of Hindu religion if they do not understand its basics.

8 October 2017

This is a fictional suicide note by Stephen Paddock, the mass shooter who fired at a music concert in Las Vegas, USA. It is an attempt to understand and expose the mindset that probably led to the mass shooting. The author wishes that the mindset be banished, but feels that the first step towards banishment is to acknowledge it and face it.

11 August 2017

This book looks at China's history starting from Shang Dynasty 1600 BCE to Mao Tse-tung. It also looks at the ethnic and religious profile of China. During the last three thousand five hundred years, China has lost more wars than it has won. China probably holds the record for killing maximum number of own countrymen during the twentieth century. Indians must understand China better to be able to counter it. This book is intended to help Indians understand China better.

Please download printer-friendly pdf file (126 pages, 9 MB) by clicking on the link above.

7 June 2017

Farmers in India have genuine grievances. Their agitations should not be dismissed as inciting by Congress or as a law and order problem. BJP needs to move out of its revenue-maximization mode to understand the problems being faced by productive sections of Indian society.

4 June 2017

Unites States of America is losing respect and status across the globe. Walking away from Paris Agreement has made the USA look unreliable and untrustworthy. Is this the end of US Era of world history?

21 May 2017

As one approaches death, there are two alternatives that one faces. Either one can look at enjoying life to the fullest and run after pleasures and experiences or one can try to do more and more good deeds. In the latter case one believes that life is merely a phase in an ongoing infinite journey, while in the former one looks at death as complete end with no afterlife. A Hindu can never look at death as a fullstop.

19 March 2017

Electronic Voting Machines have been questioned by different political parties. While criticism by political parties is opportunistic and lacks any serious logic, there is need for Election Commission of India to convince the country about reliability of EVM's. Also read the short story, "King, Royal Treasure and Smart Thief" in Postscript.

January-March 2017

This is a collection of eight soulful poems in Hindi. Poems are about relationships including friends, love etc.

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30 October 2016

This is a short traditional story that I tell my kids every year at the time of Diwali pooja. Presented here with best wishes for all readers.

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16 May 2013 onwards, last addition on 23 October 2016

These notes deal with practical aspects of Hindu Dharm. Anil Chawla started writing them from 16th May 2013 onwards. At present, the process is still on. So, in a way, what you have is an unfinished book. Please do come back a few weeks / months later to read a more updated version.

Please download printer-friendly pdf file (176 pages, 2.1 MB) by clicking on the link above.

3 April 2016

Constitution of India, even though it claims to be secular, gives the Indian state a right to interfere in Hindu religious practices and institutions. Strangely, the Constitution gives no such right in respect of one-book-religions (Islam, Christianity and Judaism). Interference by executive as well as judiciary in Hindu religion has reached such proportions that anger and dissatisfaction are building up among Hindus.

18 March 2016

As Narendra Modi completes two years in office, it is time for a review - not with a view of damaging him; but as a friend and well-wisher. The author sees himself as a friend of BJP and points out, what he thinks, are blunders committed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Please download printer-friendly pdf file (14 pages, 655 KB) by clicking on the link above.

11 March 2016

Indian banks, society and authorities have no respect for the wealth creators of the country. They enjoy lynching entrepreneurs the moment they are in trouble. The concept of giving a second chance is an alien one in India. Vijay Mallya is being lynched for his crime of making losses in Kingfisher Airlines while the ones responsible for losses at Air India are enjoying life. The author salutes entrepreneurs who brave it all and help create wealth and employment in the country.

22 December 2015

A person who has gone through due punishment as prescribed by law should be treated as clean. It is wrong to continue to be harsh to such a person. This article was written when parents of a rape victim (Jyoti Singh also called Nirbhaya by media) were voicing demands for more stringent punishment.

29 November 2015

The author argues that Islamic Terrorism is a misnomer. Islam is not a monolithic structure. Different sects of Islam must be treated as separate identities. Terrosism should be identified by the sect and not by the common label of Islam.

8 November 2015

BJP has been heading the Government of India for more than a year. During the period that the party has been in power, it has been losing popularity and elections. The author, a friend and well-wisher of BJP, gives them five point advice.

4 October 2015

Even though the author, a passionate Hindu, does not believe in vegetarianism, he shuns beef and pork. This short article gives his reasons based on ayurved.

16 September 2015

Jains often assume a holier-than-you attitude just beacuse they shun some foods. They tend to preach to Hindus about vegetarianism and kindness. It is high time that Hindus faced up to them and started being proud of their traditions of carrying and using arms.

13 September 2015

Hindu religious organizations have adopted vegetarianism as an essential tenet of Hinduism under the influence of Jains. Hinduism has never emphasised vegetarianism. By stressing on vegetarian food, Hindu organizations are doing harm to Hinduism.

9 August 2015

There are two contrasting views about origin of the universe. Judaic / Abrahmic view, shared by Christians, Muslims and Jews, believes that the universe was created by God or Allah. Scientific view rejects creation and believes in successive changes by means of natural selection. This article looks at evolution from a Hindu perspective, which accepts a Cosmic Being but does not accept creation at one point of history.

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20 July 2015

Vyapam scam is the world's biggest scam in terms of its human impact. BJP is the ruling party in the state of Madhya Pradesh where the scam has taken place. Unfortunately, the response of BJP has been to try to defend its chief minister. BJP would have been much better placed if it had acted on the basis of morality and not short-term political gains.

17 May 2015

As Modi Government completes one year in office, its honeymoon days are over and it faces challenges. Narendra Modi needs to put his house in order, remove weak members of his team and get some more competent persons to be able to deliver results.

12 April 2015

There is a strong debate about religious nature of yoga. There is an attempt to declare it secular. Much of this debate has centered on the historical roots of yoga without any understanding of the philosophical basis of either yoga or Hinduism. This article looks at the philosophy of yoga in the context of ideological paradigm of Hinduism

5 April 2015

Indian political and bureaucratic class suffer from a slavish mindset. Nothing is good unless it comes from the USA or Europe. The attitude is not confined to any one political party. The malaise is spread across parties and ideologies.

22 January 2015

Attack on Charlie Hebdo and the cartoons by the magazine are part of an on-going global war. On one side are the Islamic expansionists and on the other side are Churchists and Liberals of the western world. This article looks at the scenario from the viewpoint of an Indian and a Hindu.

28 December 2014

Muslims and Christians returning to their original pre-conversion faiths is a sensitive subject for Muslim leaders and Christian clergy because it has the potential of opening flood gates and changing the religious profile of the world. Are we witnessing a slow process that will define the history of the next thousand years?

1 April 2014

This Presentation gives a quick understanding of the paradigm of ayurved, which is distinctly different from that of western medicine. The presentation is meant for anyone with a logical and scientific bent of mind. It includes the basics of ritucharya (the system of adjusting one's life to suit the changing seasons).

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Kangana in film Queen

13 March 2014

The film Queen is a cinematic propaganda document of cultural imperialism. It insults all Indians, while glamorizing all that is rotten in western world - prostitution, uncontrolled sex, gambling, binge-drinking.

September 2012

India prides on her vast pool of engineers. However, the sad fact is that as a nation India lacks the temperament and environment that enables engineers to create and innovate. This article written by a practicing Design Engineer takes a hard look at the state of innovation in India.

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24 March 2013

While other religions treat sex as dirty or sinful, Hindu Dharm treats it in a most realistic and pragmatic manner. In Hindu Dharm every erotic alliance is marriage. Hindu view of marriage is completely different from that of any other religion.

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20 July 2012

This small book gives the most comprehensive view of the first principles of Hinduism. A must-read for all those who wish to understand Hinduism.

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15 August 2011

This letter praises Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare but asks them to think beyond state action which is based on fear. The letter exorts the two to take up fundamental issues that will stop not just corruption but also all forms of opportunistic criminality.

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1 June 2011

Landing up at the elite Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay was a cultural shock. The author could face it all, discover his true identity and get back his self-respect due to some teachers. Thanking the teachers, the author goes nostalgic and barely manages to control his emotions.

6 March 2011

Discipline of Economics, as it is currently studied, is descriptive and shuns being normative. Hindu Economics, in contrast, is normative. It starts from the fundamental philosophical questions about human being. It is a holistic view of life. The author reads through Shrimad Valmiki Ramayan to understand the paradigm of Hindu Economics. The mini-book is a must-read for all those who are interested in understanding Hinduism and also for students of economics.

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