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26 April 2009

As the war in Sri Lanka comes to an end, it is necessary to get back to the Buddhist values of kindness and compassion. Historical relations between Sinhalese and Tamils need to be rebuilt. There is need to exorcise the ghost of LTTE and work towards national reconciliation, reconstruction and integration.

3 October 2008

The financial turmoil in USA is caused by fundamental weaknesses of the American model of economics. The bail-out package announced by US President is not backed by any additional revenue-generation. Coming on top of an inadequately funded war, this can be really troublesome. For how long can USA live a life of luxury on others' money? Can USA manage this crisis or will she go the way of USSR?

6 September 2005

Hurricane Katrina caused extensive destruction in South East USA. Natural disasters happen in every part of the world. Response to such calamities shows the true strength and spirit of a people. Katrina has exposed weakness of USA as a society. The author argues that USA is a societyless state.

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12 July 2005

Samuel Huntington's book about clash of civilizations has aroused widespread interest. The clash is supposed to be between west and "non-west" civilizations. This mini-book attempts to understand the diverse currents that make western civilization - Greek city-states, Christianity, Paganism and Science.

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26 October, 2001

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14 October, 2001

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26 September, 2001

Three articles written after the attack on WTC towers. Each from a different perspective.