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The Last Words - by Stephen Paddock

Author - Anil Chawla

I am Stephen Craig Paddock, s/o Late Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, the honorable bank robber who escaped the long arm of law and was never caught. In a few minutes I shall launch the operation that I have planned for years or rather decades. This will be the culmination of a lifetime of dogged preparation and hard work. This will be my service to the nation of United States of America. At the end of the operation, I shall sacrifice my life. My death - a well-thought-out one - will only prove my point and show to the world my courage, bravery, fearlessness, conviction, passion and commitment to what I believe in.

Stephen Paddock
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Stephen Craig Paddock (1953-2017), a 64-year-old man who opened fire with an automatic rifle into a crowd of some 22,000 concertgoers at a country music festival on the Las Vegas Strip on October 1, 2017, killing at least 59 people.

As I look out of the window of this suite on 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, I can see the crowds gather below for the music festival named Route 91 Harvest. From this height, the crowd looks what it actually is - just a collection of ants or some other lowly creatures.

Once upon a time, the land of America was populated by people who could hardly be called people - they looked like humans but were sub-humans. They ate, fornicated and danced to music. They had no guns, no personality, no bravery, no manhood and no desire to achieve greatness. They were like insects or ants or some other lowly creatures - the type I can see assembling down in thousands. Sure enough they did not deserve to live. They had to be killed for superior beings to occupy this land of wealth, and resources. Sure enough in fulfillment of the divine calling, our forefathers came to this land and killed millions of the lowly creatures. Our nation was founded on the great achievement of our nation's founding forefathers. Sadly while we enjoy the wealth, our country is not proud but ashamed of the great genocide committed by our forefathers to free up this land for us, their future generations. Present generation of Americans does not even know the number of the sub-humans that were killed by the Superior Beings to free up this land for them.

Americans are ashamed of their forefathers' greatest achievement. The shame gives birth to denial, not just of the achievement but also of the mindset that led to the great victory. It leads to denial of the undisputable fact that our forefathers were Superior Beings and the persons they killed were lowly creatures who had no right to live on this great land of wealth, resources and opportunity. As Americans deny the superiority of their forefathers and their natural right to live and benefit from the wealth of America, they become more and more like the lowly beings that they largely eliminated from this land a few centuries ago.

Average American today lives to pay bills, to eat junk food, to have sex and once in a while to dance to stupid music among strangers who are all the same. There is no desire to achieve anything. There is no desire to be great. There is no passion except for a few minutes in the bedroom. Do the Americans even look at themselves and see what they have become? Will our founding fathers be proud of the people that we have become? The answer has to be a resounding NO.

America today is dominated and ruled by the so-called intelligent university educated smart guys who act as if they know everything but are just nincompoops. They talk of the values of kindness, compassion, empathy and being humane. Will someone ask them - was our country founded on the values that they talk of? Surely not! Our country was founded by men who could kill and get killed. Our country was founded by risk-taking men, who feared no death; who loved the sight of blood flowing on ground. They became victors and freed up this great land for our enjoyment with their aggression, bravery, cruelty, trickery and viciousness. The idiots who decorate themselves with fancy degrees (and not guns or medals) bring shame on the memory of the great founding forefathers of this nation.

The idiots with fancy degrees talk of human rights for all forgetting that ants and insects have no rights. Superior Beings rule the world and let the lowly creatures live to the extent and in the manner that suits the Superior ones. If this principle is denied, there can be no justification for the great genocide committed by our forefathers. Denial of this principle is denial of the foundation of United States of America.

Americans have become too sissy. There is an obsession to be nice, to be good, to sound good and to be docile and gentle. It seems that it is ok to stab someone in the back as long as one does it softly with finesse and apparent caring. We have become a country of hypocrites. The man who stands up and faces adversaries bravely with a gun is lost in the melee of political righteousness.

Fear of death, fear of failure, fear of law and fear of anything and everything have become the all too pervasive features of American society. After Second World War prosperity has brought more fears rather than fewer fears. A society that cannot face and accept deaths is a society of the weak, effeminate crawlers. Such a society existed in America before our bold forefathers committed the great genocide. Sadly, we have reversed the clock and instead of following in the footsteps of our great forefathers, we have become the society that they destroyed.

This cannot go on. Our great nation cannot become great again merely by speeches and tweets. Action is needed to wake up the nation from its slumber. The time has probably come for another great genocide. Blood needs to flow on the streets and grounds of America. The sissies, chicken hearted, wimps and namby-pambies must be killed. Yes, there will be some collateral damage. Some good guys are bound to be killed along with millions of spineless creeps. But that is unavoidable in case of tectonic movement of history.

I am proud to initiate the process of transformation of the country. I have collected enough guns and ammunition to unleash the sort of carnage that this country has not seen for a long time. I hope to kill hundreds or probably thousands of the lowly creatures whom I can see from my suite here on 32nd floor. I know that numbers are not important when one goes about killing ants. Yet, I do hope that I kill at least a thousand before I do the ultimate sacrifice and depart from this world.

A few words before I put my finger on the trigger. The whole operation has been planned and executed by me singlehandedly. I do not want to share my place in history of America with anyone. This is my and only my glorious achievement which I am sure future generations of America will always applaud.

I think I have spoken more than a simpleton like me should. Let my guns now do the talking! Actions always speak louder than words. So, let the action begin!

Stephen Paddock
1 October 2017

Author's Note

The above is pure fiction. I did not know the mass murderer, Stephen Craig Paddock, even remotely. Nevertheless, I have written the above account in first person on behalf of the mass murderer. I condemn every single thought expressed above. My attempt is only to understand the thought or philosophy that he might have had. Unfortunately, he was neither the first nor the last person to believe in the said philosophy. My attempt is only to expose the thought so that it can be countered and eliminated. No, I do not want to give it any degree of respectability by expressing it. But, I am against sweeping it under the carpet because that effectively strengthens it. So, let us debate it and banish it.

8 October 2017

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ANIL CHAWLA is an engineer and a lawyer by qualification but a philosopher by vocation and a legal and management consultant by profession.

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