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Please help Anil Chawla in writing this book

Humanism has influenced modern civilization more than any other philosophy has. But, humanism is probably as old as mankind. Its foundations can be found in the ideas of classical Greek philosophers such as the Stoics and Epicurians as well as in Chinese Confucianism and in Indian philosophy. These philosophical views looked to human beings rather than gods to solve human problems.

The proposed book Fundamentals of Monistic Humanism is an attempt to develop a holistic humanist philosophy that can guide individual, family, society, country and the world to lead a life in harmony with the nature and the universe. It starts from the fundamentals of humanism and takes help from ancient Indian philosophy. It does not reject any civilization or culture or religion. Nor does it accept any book or authority as the Ultimate Truth.

The writing of this book is intended to be a co-operative effort involving all those who agree with the above basic vision.

You can help in any or all of the following ways:

Edit the draft for spelling and grammatical mistakes. Suggest changes in style and presentation.

Suggest changes in contents. Point out contadictions and mistakes of facts. If there are any important ommissions, indicate the same.

Offer comments, suggestions and reactions on the philosophy with an eye on improving the final form and content of the book.

Suggest other works that should be referred to in connection with a work of this type. Any books or papers that may be useful , may please be sent to the author.

Offer suggestions and help for publication and publicity of the proposed book

Donate money. The book will be a property of the society (Copyright - All Rights Free). Writing of the book started in May 2002 and was expected to finish by end-2003. However, the work could not be continued since the author got busy with other professional assignments that were (and are) necessary for his bread and butter. To restart the writing of the book, the author needs to have funds that will ensure his livelihood for at least one year.

Each chapter of the book will be put up on this page. Please download the chapters (in MS WORD format). In case of any problems in downloading, please write to Anil Chawla. He shall send you each chapter by e-mail as an attachment.

Click on Links below to download files in MS WORD format

Chapter 1 Introduction
(Approx. 4400 words; 55KB)

Chapter 2 Monism, Dualism & Pluralism in Indian Philosophy
(Approx. 8500 words; 88 KB)

Chapter 3 God, Man and Monism in Islam and Christianity
(Approx. 5000 words; 70 KB)

Chapter 4 God, Man and Monism in Ancient and Medieval Western Philosophy
(Approx. 4000 words; 63 KB)

Chapter 5 God, Man and Monism in Modern Western Philosophy
(Approx. 18,000 words; 187 KB)


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