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Across the World, Let our creed be
Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram (Truth, Goodness, Beauty)


Samarth Bharat is an ideological movement of all those who believe in the inherent strengths of Bharat (India). We believe that the rational philosophy of Bharat has universal application. We believe in the eternal trinity of Satyam Shivam Sundaram. Christian saints described this trinity as Truth, Goodness and Beauty. Samarth Bharat believes in the philosophical tenets of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity as well as of all other religions to the extent that they are in line with the eternal trinity. Samarth Bharat accepts neither rituals nor the organized bureaucratic structures of religion. Yet, we do not reject or oppose the right and freedom of individuals to seek solace or support from a ritual or from a religious institution.

Samarth Bharat invites all like minded persons to join hands. The movement is rooted in ideological traditions of Bharat, but it is not restricted to Indians or to people of Indian origin. Everyone irrespective of nationality or religion or sex or race or age is welcome.

We are committed to building a strong capable Bharat (India). But we recognize the right of every country to do the same. Our concept of strength is not exploitative. The word Bharat (Bha + Rat) denotes someone who glows with the light of knowledge. Irrespective of the country that we live in, let us work for making it glow with knowledge; let us strive to establish the eternal trinity of Satyam Shivam Sundaram ( Truth Goodness Beauty) as the guiding principles. Let the eternal trinity help us live in harmony with nature and with each other.


Small photograph of Anil Chawla

ANIL CHAWLA is a mechanical engineer by qualification, philosopher by vocation and management consultant by profession. He has worked as a company executive and entrepreneur. A creative thinker who refuses to fit into readymade boxes.

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E-mail: anil@samarthbharat.com

E-mail: hindustanstudies@rediffmail.com

Small photograph of VT Joshi

VT JOSHI (1925-2008) worked for more than fifty years as a journalist. He retired from THE TIMES OF INDIA in 1989. During 1985-89 he was the Special Correspondent of THE TIMES OF INDIA in Pakistan. His books "PAKISTAN: ZIA TO BENAZIR" and "INDIA AT CROSS ROADS" (co-author GG Puri) were widely reviewed in both India and Pakistan.

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Small photograph of Arun Dixit

ARUN DIXIT is a professional journalist. He is working with THE TIMES OF INDIA group as Special Correspondent of NAVBHARAT TIMES based at New Delhi. He is known for his sharp political analysis and reporting.

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Small photograph of Raghunandan Sharma

Raghunandan Sharma is an active politician. He was a Member of Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly from 1977 to 1980. He has served as Office Secretary of BJP (Madhya Pradesh) for more than a decade. For a few years he was Vice President of the state unit of the party.

Raghuji (as he is known to friends) is known for his simple living. He is a good orator and is a sharp thinker. He is respected by people on both sides of the political arena for his simplicity, honesty, commitment and friendliness.

E-mail: raghunandanbjp@gmail.com


Small photograph of Rajesh Jain

Rajesh Jain is Executive Director of Atul Publicity, the largest advertising agency of Central India. Advertising and Public Relations are his passions.

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Small photograph of Anita Chawla

Anita Chawla is responsible for making all photographs on this site presentable. She has an aesthetic eye and has helped with the graphic design of the site. A postgraduate in Botany, she has run a plastic moulding unit for over a decade. She will always be the Financial Controller of all that Anil Chawla may ever dream of doing. All those who are married will understand.

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E-mail: hindustanstudies@yahoo.co.in

Small photograph of Yogita Pant

Yogita Pant is an administrator by profession and vocation. Her job involves taking care of routine work that no one ever wants to do. She does it all with natural flair, commitment and sincerity.

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E-mail: yogitap@gmail.com

Shri Dhiru Shah (USA) appears to be against Christianty and Islam. He sent a letter raising a few questions about the ideology of Samarth Bharat. Please click here to read the questions by Dhiru Shah and the reply by Anil Chawla

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