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Author -
23 October, 2004

Astrology is a much-maligned branch of knowledge. It has suffered due to tall claims of astrologers as well as due to sledgehammer approach of pseudo-scientists. This mini-book attempts to define the first principles of astrology in a systematic manner. The author is not an astrologer, but a philosopher, who would like the mini-book to be read by one and all.

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Author -
15 November 2002, 24 December 2002 and 30 April 2002

Every form of love is a way of immersing one's identity into the infinity of the cosmos. The experience is truly divine. A discussion of the philosophy of love drawing from Jesus, Krishna and Kabir. Christianity, Hinduism and Sufism converge in this philosophy. This is a set of two articles. First elaborates on the philosophy of love.

Second article is about moh. Love is giving while moh is holding and being held. Love gives and lets go, while moh gives with one had and tries to tie up with the other. Love liberates while moh enslaves. Love has no expectations while moh is full of expectations. Love does not possess, moh is based on a sense of possession. Let us learn to love without moh.

The last article of the trilogy compares love and obsession. Love is a relationship of caring and giving. Obsession is a display of power. Love is submergence of ego, while obsession involves display of ego. Confusing obsession with love is like drinking poison when one wants to have milk.

If you like to read about love, please download the author's trilogy of short stories about love, lust and friendship in man-woman relationship.

The epilogue was added on 4 November, 2003.

Download the above three articles and three short stories in printer-friendly pdf format. Beautifully illustrated, the mini-book (33 pages) is an ideal gift for someone you love.

10th November, 2000

This paper was presented at the National Seminar for Value Inculcation Through Vocational Education organized by Pandit Suderlal Sharma Central Institute of Vocational Education on 8th November, 2000. Based on the Protestant Christian world-view it seeks to understand the concept of vocation vs. profession vs. occupation. Words of caution - This article is pure philosophy and has little to do with education.

Author -
29 December 2001

Truth was interpreted by MK Gandhi in a very narrow sense of "speaking truth" or was interpreted to suit his convenience. Time has come to give a correct definition of Truth.

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26 September, 2001

Suicide bombers force one to relook at our philosophy of life and death. An article about the philosophy of death. Written after the attack on WTC towers.

Author -
4 December, 1999

Cow Slaughter is an extremely sensitive issue with many Hindus. Arguing against the commonly accepted view, the author favours a new look at cow slaughter in the light of philosophy of Gita. Also read what Swami Vivekananda had to say on the subject.

I am writing this book on a new philosophy. As soon as I have finished writing a chapter, I put it on this site. Please download the chapters and send me your comments and suggestions.