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13 November 2008,/span>

Democracy is about debate and deliberations. When puppets and sexual favour providers are nominated by political parties, does this not amount to mockery of democracy?

6 May 2004

Indian political parties have been taken over by hordes of non-thinking career-oriented animals. Will Indian democracy and politics survive the onslaught of monkeys?

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14 January, 2004

A mini-book that traces the development of political thought in India from British period to date. Easy to read unlike history that you might have read at school. Illustrated to make reading a pleasure.

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18 August, 2004

A reader wrote that ideology is good after 2 pegs of whisky. Whether we like it or not, that is the way many educated persons across the world look at ideology. Is it not high time that we took a closer look at ideology?

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26 July 2004

Indian political parties love to talk of ideology in complex terms that no one can understand. However, their only ideology is unbridled pursuit of self-interest. They keep doing ideological somersaults that confuse everyone except their blind followers for whom - Boss is always right.

The above article has attracted some very interesting comments. Please read what others have said.

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February 2004 and February 2002

Three articles in Hindi. Political satire that takes look at the dark side of Indian political class. Too close to reality - some might say! Holi special.
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19th July, 2000

One can only reap what one sows. A look at the type of people entering politics in India says a lot about what politics will be tomorrow.

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16th March, 2000

Indian politics has become a circus of clowns. Reputed politicians have become entertainers and it is no surprise that professional entertainers including street dancers and eunuchs have entered the political arena.

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4 August, 2001

Everyday morning newspapers in India bring interesting news. Is this a blessing or a curse? An old Chinese saying tells us that it is a curse. A strange curse indeed!

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31st December 1999

A comment on the way Indian Parliamentary Democracy is converted to Fascism and Ochlocracy by whips and by reservations.

25 August, 1999

An appeal to change the ad-hoc and opaque system of selection of party candidates for various elections.

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22 March, 2001

Tehelka.com has shaken up BJP and the ruling alliance in India by its expose of corruption in high places. An objective view.

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24 September 2002

Should foreign-born persons be allowed to occupy constitutional posts? That is a fiercely debated question in India? But there is a bigger issue that needs deliberation. India lost her freedom to immigrants more than a century ago. Yet, India is not even alive to the dangers of immigrants. One can become a citizen of the country without even becoming an Indian at heart. Citizenship Act concentrates on procedures and formalities while ignoring substantive questions relating to domicile, psyche and intentions. Time to review the Act based on laws in other parts of the world.

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