Salimgarh Fort
A collage by Shrikant Apte

Salimgarh Fort

Salimgarh Fort was built by Islam Shah Suri (also known as Salim Shah), son and successor of Sher Shah Suri in 1546. It is located near Red Fort in Delhi. The British used it as a prison and kept its artillery units here after the war of 1857. The fort witnessed fierce fighting between British troops and Indian freedom fighters during 1857.

The leaders of Indian National Army were imprisoned here in 1945. The fort has now been renamed as Swatantrata Senani Smarak (Freedom Fighters' Memorial) as a memorial has been developed for the freedom fighters inside the fort. The barracks, where soldiers were kept as prisoners, have been converted into their memorials. The memorial houses INA uniforms, personal belongings and some photographs.

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