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BRTS or Bus Rapid Transport System is supposed to improve urban transportation. However, BRTS Bhopal has faced extensive criticism. There have been demands for demolishing it. The author in this letter addressed to the Government analyses the fundamental concept of BRTS and discusses how an artifical monopoly has done damage to the concept. Failure of monopoly should not be considered as failure of BRTS. The author gives suggestions for making BRTS work for benefit of the people.

30 December 2018

Nirav Modi is being painted as a culprit, while he is a victim of the stupidity of a finance minister who acted in haste without making any attempt to recover the money at stake. In the process, the foolish minister destroyed not only Nirav Modi and his business, but also brands that were matters of national pride.

19 February 2018

Farmers in India have genuine grievances. Their agitations should not be dismissed as inciting by Congress or as a law and order problem. BJP needs to move out of its revenue-maximization mode to understand the problems being faced by productive sections of Indian society.

7 June 2017

Indian banks, society and authorities have no respect for the wealth creators of the country. They enjoy lynching entrepreneurs the moment they are in trouble. The concept of giving a second chance is an alien one in India. Vijay Mallya is being lynched for his crime of making losses in Kingfisher Airlines while the ones responsible for losses at Air India are enjoying life. The author salutes entrepreneurs who brave it all and help create wealth and employment in the country.

11 March 2016

Leakage of gas from Union Carbide factory at Bhopal was a terrible accident. More than two and a half decades later, the understanding about the accident in the mind of common people is limited. Hatred, revenge and anger dominate any deliberations on Bhopal Gas Tragedy. It is time to put all negative emotions aside and use the tragedy as a teacher so that disasters like the one at Bhopal can be prevented.

15 June 2010

The author worked for 30 years with the largest cement company of India. As he quit the company, he wrote a letter to some friends summing up his personal vision and philosophy of work. This is not a literary piece. It stems from experience. It shines with its simplicity and down-to-earth (yet, profound) thinking.

December 2010

Indian Banks tend to blame everyone else except themselves for the problem of NPA's. It is high time that they did some introspection. A sad story of the way the entreprenurial talent of the country is being wasted by bureaucratic functioning style of Banks in India.

14 January 2000

An essay on the way Indian talent is caught in socio-cultural cobwebs.

9 September 1999

This discussion paper was submitted to Shri LK Advani a few years before BJP came to power. It is not clear whether he read it. But it is a new thought that deserves your careful consideration.

21 May 1994