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  • आइए, सोचें समझें और बदलें।

Religion & Hinduism

This is a series of conversations between Yogita Pant and Anil Chawla around the personality and life of Ram. It is proposed to produce about 50-100 episodes of the conversations. It is intended to help the viewers understand the personality of Ram. After understanding one can adopt Ram's ideals in one's own life and enrich one's life.

Hinduism is the world's most ancient religion with followers in every part of the world. Yet, there is much confusion about what Hindu religion is. This book attempts to define Hinduism and describe the foundations of the philosophical framework of Hindu religion. Simultaneously, it gives practical tips on making one's life better, richer and happier.

March 2021

Angkor Wat, the largest religious place on earth, was constructed in Cambodia as a Hindu temple. Today there are no Hindus in Cambodia. Angkor Wat ceased to be a Hindu temple within five decades of construction. When we plan for a grand temple at Ayodhya, the birth-place of Ram, let us learn lessons from Angkor Wat. Instead of grandeur let the place reflect the qualities for which Ram was known - simplicity, idealism and respect for the learned. Let the place be built as a university town and not as a Angkor Wat (temple town, in Cambodian language).

28 February 2021

Supreme Court of India is trying to stop corrosion of the stone which houses the main deity at Mahakaleshwar temple at Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India. The honourable judges do not seem to realize that Hindus do not worship the stone. We worship the Cosmic Spirit which is beyond age, which does not grow old and which is eternal. The stone which is the present abode of the Cosmic Spirit may age and may need to be replaced. Let the honourable court not get into matters of Hindu religion if they do not understand its basics.

27 Ocotber 2017

This is a short traditional story that I tell my kids every year at the time of Diwali pooja. Presented here with best wishes for all readers.

30 October 2016

Jains often assume a holier-than-you attitude just beacuse they shun some foods. They tend to preach to Hindus about vegetarianism and kindness. It is high time that Hindus faced up to them and started being proud of their traditions of carrying and using arms.

16 September 2015

Hindu religious organizations have adopted vegetarianism as an essential tenet of Hinduism under the influence of Jains. Hinduism has never emphasised vegetarianism. By stressing on vegetarian food, Hindu organizations are doing harm to Hinduism.

13 September 2015

There is a strong debate about religious nature of yoga. There is an attempt to declare it secular. Much of this debate has centered on the historical roots of yoga without any understanding of the philosophical basis of either yoga or Hinduism. This article looks at the philosophy of yoga in the context of ideological paradigm of Hinduism

12 April 2015

Muslims and Christians returning to their original pre-conversion faiths is a sensitive subject for Muslim leaders and Christian clergy because it has the potential of opening flood gates and changing the religious profile of the world. Are we witnessing a slow process that will define the history of the next thousand years?

28 December 2014

While other religions treat sex as dirty or sinful, Hindu Dharm treats it in a most realistic and pragmatic manner. In Hindu Dharm every erotic alliance is marriage. Hindu view of marriage is completely different from that of any other religion.

24 March 2013

Discipline of Economics, as it is currently studied, is descriptive and shuns being normative. Hindu Economics, in contrast, is normative. It starts from the fundamental philosophical questions about human being. It is a holistic view of life. The author reads through Shrimad Valmiki Ramayan to understand the paradigm of Hindu Economics. The mini-book is a must-read for all those who are interested in understanding Hinduism and also for students of economics.

6 March 2011

Hindutwa - the political extension of Hindu Dharm - faces challenges at this time when the world is coming to grips with Islamic expansionism. This article (in Hindi) takes a global view and suggests the role that Hindu organizations as history enters a new phase.

25 November 2009

The message of love that Jesus gave is more important than the life and person of Jesus. Anil Chawla looks at Jesus from the perspective of a Hindu. He calls for liberating Jesus from the church and the clergy. He accepts Jesus as a Son of God but does not accept the Bible.

31 December 2006

Dev and danav are terms that are fundamental to Hindu thought. A dev gives away without any selfish motives, while a danav grabs all that he can. A dev apparently keeps losing strength, while danav keeps becoming more powerful. The paradox is that in spite of this apparent weakening of dev, it is the dev who ultimately wins. A special article on the occasion of Dussehra.

12 October 2005

Valentine Day is not a Christian festival. It is a pagan festival. Hinduism is a pagan religion. Time that Valentine Day is recognized as a Hindu festival!

15 February 2005

Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Supreme Court of India seem to believe that Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life. An article that disagrees with this view.

3 January 2001

Hinduism has been defined in a number of ways by many thinkers. Here is an attempt to define Hinduism. Author believes that Hinduism is the most scientific religion in the world and its true nature needs to be understood.

12 December 2000

Cow Slaughter is an extremely sensitive issue with many Hindus. Arguing against the commonly accepted view, the author favours a new look at cow slaughter in the light of philosophy of Gita. Also read what Swami Vivekananda had to say on the subject..

4 December 1999