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Governance & Democracy

Gantantr or republic is often wrongly considered to be synonym of democracy. Gantantr is not rule of masses. It is rule of people who think and deliberate.

31 December 2018

In the 5000-year or so known history of mankind, democracy finds only brief mentions. Through history, democracy has been an extremely unstable and shortlived system of governance. Democracy flourished in modern times only when imperialism and colonialism brought massive resources from the colonies. Will democracy survive when colonialism has come to an end?

7 June 2010

Improving the Efficiency of Indian State

On the eve of Republic Day (2003) President of India spoke about trying to make India a developed country by 2020. This is likely to remain a pipe-dream unless India improves her efficiency. India must learn a lesson from the collapse of USSR.

26 January 2003

Republic in Ancient India - Need for a New Paradigm in Political Science

It is generally presumed that the commonly prevalent system of Government in ancient India was monarchy and instances of republic were either exceptions or aberrations. This paper aims to contest this apparent view and seeks to argue that the system in ancient India was closer to a republic than a monarchy, though it differed from both in many essential matters.

Download a short presentation based on the above paper.

8 December 2000

A critical analysis of the Draft of Alternative Constitution in the light of the basics of Liberal Democracy.

18 September 2000

On the occasion of 50 years of India's Constitution, the President and the Prime Minister publicly clashed swords on the subject of review of the Constitution of India. An analysis of the situation.

29 January 2000

Hijacking of Indian Airlines flight IC814 exposed the weaknesses of judiciary, legislature and executive of India.

5 January 2000

French Revolution produced a bunch of leaders who were no different than the conceited, egoist, hollow, corrupt leaders that India has today. Democracy could flourish in Europe only after the universities and the academic community were given a role in governance.

Year 1999

Indian Judiciary & Review of the Constitution of India

An article that takes a critical look at the state of Indian judiciary and argues against giving responsibility of review of Constitution to members of this sick institution.

10 November 1999

A comment on the way Indian Parliamentary Democracy is converted to Fascism and Ochlocracy by whips and by reservations.

31 December 1999

Draft of the New Constitution of Bharat

भारत के नए संविधान का प्रारूप

This alternative to the present Constitution of India was most humbly presented to the Nation in 1997. It was originally published by Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad. The Draft proposes a new paradigm of governance. Key features include providing a role to the academic community and defence services in the governance of the country.

The Draft was released at National Symposium on the subject of Constitution of India and Alternatives organized at Bhopal on 6th September, 1998.

Click here to see some photographs of the Symposium.