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  • आइए, सोचें समझें और बदलें।

Indian Politics & Political Parties

Victory of Modi-Shah Combine (BJP) in the Parliamentary elections of 2019 is largely due to the perception that the Combine will stand up to Muslim Bullying and neither encourage nor tolerate it. Almost all non-Muslim communities of India are fed up of bullying by Muslims and are not willing to let political parties encourage such bullying, harassment and persecution.

26 May 2019

Indian constitution provided for reservations to uplift the poor and downtrodden sections of Indian society. In the past seven decades, reservations have created a class of persons who have benefitted from reservations. Children of this class of reservation beneficiaries belong to the elite but they still continue to enjoy benefits of reservations effectively blocking the poor of the scheduled castes and tribes from benefitting from reservations. High time that the reservations are better targeted to reach the truly deserving.

11 September 2018

Farmers in India have genuine grievances. Their agitations should not be dismissed as inciting by Congress or as a law and order problem. BJP needs to move out of its revenue-maximization mode to understand the problems being faced by productive sections of Indian society.

7 June 2017

Electronic Voting Machines have been questioned by different political parties. While criticism by political parties is opportunistic and lacks any serious logic, there is need for Election Commission of India to convince the country about reliability of EVM's. Also read the short story, "King, Royal Treasure and Smart Thief" in Postscript.

19 March 2017

Constitution of India, even though it claims to be secular, gives the Indian state a right to interfere in Hindu religious practices and institutions. Strangely, the Constitution gives no such right in respect of one-book-religions (Islam, Christianity and Judaism). Interference by executive as well as judiciary in Hindu religion has reached such proportions that anger and dissatisfaction are building up among Hindus.

3 April 2016

As Narendra Modi completes two years in office, it is time for a review - not with a view of damaging him; but as a friend and well-wisher. The author sees himself as a friend of BJP and points out, what he thinks, are blunders committed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

18 March 2016

As Modi Government completes one year in office, its honeymoon days are over and it faces challenges. Narendra Modi needs to put his house in order, remove weak members of his team and get some more competent persons to be able to deliver results.

17 May 2015

Democracy is about debate and deliberations. When puppets and sexual favour providers are nominated by political parties, does this not amount to mockery of democracy?

13 November 2008

It is time to take a relook at ideology and politics.

18 August 2004

Indian political parties love to talk of ideology in complex terms that no one can understand. However, their only ideology is unbridled pursuit of self-interest. They keep doing ideological somersaults that confuse everyone except their blind followers for whom - Boss is always right.

26 July 2004

Indian political parties have been taken over by hordes of non-thinking career-oriented animals. Will Indian democracy and politics survive the onslaught of monkeys?

6 May 2004

A mini-book that traces the development of political thought in India from British period to date. Easy to read unlike history that you might have read at school. Illustrated to make reading a pleasure.

14 January 2004

Three articles in Hindi. Political satire that takes look at the dark side of Indian political class. Too close to reality - some might say! Holi special.

Feb. 2004 and Feb. 2002

Everyday morning newspapers in India bring interesting news. Is this a blessing or a curse? An old Chinese saying tells us that it is a curse. A strange curse indeed!

4 August 2001

One can only reap what one sows. A look at the type of people entering politics in India says a lot about what politics will be tomorrow.

19 July 2000

Indian politics has become a circus of clowns. Reputed politicians have become entertainers and it is no surprise that professional entertainers including street dancers and eunuchs have entered the political arena.

16 March 2000

A comment on the way Indian Parliamentary Democracy is converted to Fascism and Ochlocracy by whips and by reservations.

31 December 1999

An appeal to change the ad-hoc and opaque system of selection of party candidates for various elections.

25 August 1999