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  • आइए, सोचें समझें और बदलें।

Education & Indian Talent

Landing up at the elite Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay was a cultural shock. The author could face it all, discover his true identity and get back his self-respect due to some teachers. Thanking the teachers, the author goes nostalgic and barely manages to control his emotions.

6 March 2011

The agitation against the proposal to increase caste-based reservations in IITs, IIMs and other central universities and institutes from the present 22.5 per cent to 49.5 per cent has heated up. The country seems to be heading towards a vertical split along caste lines, while political parties continue to play their usual vote bank politics. As tempers continue to rise on both sides of the caste divide, Anil Chawla suggests to Dr. Manmohan Singh a five point plan of action.

24 May 2006

This is neither an autobiography nor an account of the author's student life. This is about some people who left a deep mark on the author's mind. Also has some interesting photographs. Please do not bother to open it if you have no interest in Anil Chawla as a person.

16 April 2006

The proposal to increase caste-based reservations in IITs, IIMs and other central universities and institutes from the present 22.5 per cent to 49.5 per cent has stirred up a debate all over the country. Will these institutes be able to maintain their global reputation or will it prove to be the proverbial last straw on the camel's back?

12 April 2006

This article is in the form of a letter to The Director, IIT Bombay. The issues raised in the letter relate to not just IITB, but to all educational institutes as they rush to adopt new technologies. In a way, the issues relate to our lives. As we get glued to the screen and interact with people sitting thousands of miles away, are we missing simple pleasures such as talking to real human beings?

13 January 2006

Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) have been directed to reduce their fees. This has been seen as an attack on autonomy of these institutions. An article that analyses the decision and also tries to understand the genesis of protests.

14 February 2004

In their admission tests Indian business schools put great emphasis on proficiency in English. This puts Hindi and other vernacular medium students at a disadvantage. Should this be changed? Should Indian B schools become more Indian?

9 September 2003

Government of India has recently set up Bharat Shiksha Kosh to channel donations from individuals and companies to educational institutes. IIT Bombay, which has been receiving substantial sums of money from its alumni, has been asked to channel all donations through Bharat Shiksha Kosh. Director IIT Bombay has gone on record criticizing the decision, while Directors of some other IITs have welcomed the decision. This article discusses the effect of such donations on the institute and raises other fundamental questions associated with donations.

20 June 2003

French Revolution produced a bunch of leaders who were no different than the conceited, egoist, hollow, corrupt leaders that India has today. Democracy could flourish in Europe only after the universities and the academic community were given a role in governance.

Year 1999

Based on an Invited Key-note presentation made by the author to "Symposium on Technical Education in India in Next Millennium - Our Preparedness" organized by Rajiv Gandhi University of Technology and Technical Teachers' Training Institute.

20 October 1999

Indian Institutes of Technology are world renowned premium institutes. An article that looks at their tragedy. This is not about IITs. It is about the way India treats its talent.

21 April 2001

There has been a debate in India about the textbooks used for teaching of history in schools. The debate ignores the real malaise affecting the academic world in departments of history and such subjects that provide the software for a nation.

26 January 2002

This paper was presented at the National Seminar for Value Inculcation Through Vocational Education organized by Pandit Suderlal Sharma Central Institute of Vocational Education on 8th November, 2000. Based on the Protestant Christian world-view it seeks to understand the concept of vocation vs. profession vs. occupation.

10 November 2000