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This article explains the meaning of a famous song from film Waqt. The song is written by Sahir Ludhiyanvi, music by Ravi, sung by Manna De. It is an extremely romantic song that expresses love of a husband for his wife.

26 April 2020

This article in Hindi is a satire on the present situation in India. A villager speaks some harsh truths with apologies and humility. It gives voice to the pains that the poor of the country are experiencing after enforcement of the lockdown as a precaution against Covid-19. Original article is followed by two postscripts dated 7th May and 31st May 2020.

5 April 2020

The film Queen is a cinematic propaganda document of cultural imperialism. It insults all Indians, while glamorizing all that is rotten in western world - prostitution, uncontrolled sex, gambling, binge-drinking.

13 March 2014

Three articles and three short stories about love. Beautifully illustrated, the mini-book (33 pages) is an ideal gift for someone you love.

Year 2003

Whole of Varanasi had risen in protest against the shooting of the proposed film "WATER". An analysis of the reasons behind the protests.

10 February 2000