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Global Village & Power Play

This mini-book is an attempt to understand the key players, the dynamics, the tools and the goals in the Great War which is unfolding across the globe. The Great War will be unlike the previous wars. Hence, the author has not called it World War III.

18 June 2020

China has won the first round of economic war. China has suffered a small economic loss and is back on feet, while India and democracies of the world are busy destroying their economies in the name of lockdowns. Doctors who understand neither economy nor war have given disastroous advice to the governments. High time that democracies of the world understand paradigm of the new war where no bullets are fired.

25 March 2020

This is a fictional suicide note by Stephen Paddock, the mass shooter who fired at a music concert in Las Vegas, USA. It is an attempt to understand and expose the mindset that probably led to the mass shooting. The author wishes that the mindset be banished, but feels that the first step towards banishment is to acknowledge it and face it.

8 October 2017

The author argues that Islamic Terrorism is a misnomer. Islam is not a monolithic structure. Different sects of Islam must be treated as separate identities. Terrosism should be identified by the sect and not by the common label of Islam.

29 November 2015

Attack on Charlie Hebdo and the cartoons by the magazine are part of an on-going global war. On one side are the Islamic expansionists and on the other side are Churchists and Liberals of the western world. This article looks at the scenario from the viewpoint of an Indian and a Hindu.

22 January 2015

As the war in Sri Lanka comes to an end, it is necessary to get back to the Buddhist values of kindness and compassion. Historical relations between Sinhalese and Tamils need to be rebuilt. There is need to exorcise the ghost of LTTE and work towards national reconciliation, reconstruction and integration.

26 April 2009

Hurricane Katrina caused extensive destruction in South East USA. Natural disasters happen in every part of the world. Response to such calamities shows the true strength and spirit of a people. Katrina has exposed weakness of USA as a society. The author argues that USA is a societyless state.

6 September 2005

Samuel Huntington's book about clash of civilizations has aroused widespread interest. The clash is supposed to be between west and 'non-west' civilizations. This mini-book attempts to understand the diverse currents that make western civilization - Greek city-states, Christianity, Paganism and Science.

12 July 2005

An article about organized religions as instruments of power and the role of clergy.

26 October, 2001

An article that looks at the new war (After 9/11 Attack on World Trade Center in the USA) raging across the world from an Indian perspective.

14 October 2001

Suicide bombers force one to relook at our philosophy of life and death. An article about the philosophy of death. First of three articles written after the attack on WTC towers. Each from a different perspective. The other two are given above.

26 September 2001