Samarth Bharat
  • Samarth Bharat
  • आइए, सोचें समझें और बदलें।

Bharatiya Janata Party, RSS & Hindu Political Movement in India

This is an open letter in Hindi addressed to RSS Sarsanghchalak (Chief) asking him to take appropriate steps in view of the farmers agitation and the adverse effects of the agitation on Hindu unity. Irrespective of the likely benefits of the farm laws, the social and political negatives far exceed the positives.

7 February 2021

The author talks to his friends in RSS and BJP telling them to take care before it is too late. But, he gets a mouthful from his friends. A satire that is realistic and paints a sad picture of the political realities of today.

24 May 2020

BJP has been heading the Government of India for more than a year. During the period that the party has been in power, it has been losing popularity and elections. The author, a friend and well-wisher of BJP, gives them five point advice.

8 November 2015

शिवाजी के अभिशप्त मानसपुत्र

End of Shivaji's empire began on the day of his coronation. This seems to be a curse that continues to this day afflicting all parties and organization believing in Hindu / nationalist ideology. This article in Hindi makes an attempt to analyze some of the mistakes made by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in his later years. It is inspired by the famous play Janta Raja.

May 2005