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20 July 2012

This small book gives the most comprehensive view of the first principles of Hinduism. A must-read for all those who wish to understand Hinduism.

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6 March 2011

Discipline of Economics, as it is currently studied, is descriptive and shuns being normative. Hindu Economics, in contrast, is normative. It starts from the fundamental philosophical questions about human being. It is a holistic view of life. The author reads through Shrimad Valmiki Ramayan to understand the paradigm of Hindu Economics. The mini-book is a must-read for all those who are interested in understanding Hinduism and also for students of economics.

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Venue - Any college / university / institute
Language - English / Hindi
Duration - One day or two days

This is a proposal for a workshop to teach the fundamentals of Hinduism from a scientific perspective. Anil Chawla moves beyond bhakti movement. He is critical of the illusionism of Shankaracharya. According to him, Hinduism is truly the world's most practical, down-to-earth, scientific religion. The workshop is for all those who are keen to understand Hinduism. Organizers / participants need not be Hindu or even persons of Indian origin.
Please feel free to contact for organizing this workshop. Anil Chawla does not charge any fees.

March 2006

This speech was delivered to political workers and leaders of BJP's Anusoochit Jati (Schdelued Caste) Morcha in year 2002. It quotes extensively from Hindu scriptures to prove that the caste system is a bad aberration of the original varna vyavstha. This is a scholarly speech, which remains relevant four years after it was delivered and will surely be of interest even decades later.

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12 July 2005

Samuel Huntington's book about clash of civilizations has aroused widespread interest. The clash is supposed to be between west and "non-west" civilizations. This mini-book attempts to understand the diverse currents that make western civilization - Greek city-states, Christianity, Paganism and Science.

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May 2005

End of Shivaji's empire began on the day of his coronation. This seems to be a curse that continues to this day afflicting all parties and organization believing in Hindu / nationalist ideology. This article in Hindi makes an attempt to analyze some of the mistakes made by Shivaji in his later years. It is inspired by the famous play Janta Raja.

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23 October, 2004

Astrology is a much-maligned branch of knowledge. It has suffered due to tall claims of astrologers as well as due to sledgehammer approach of pseudo-scientists. This mini-book attempts to define the first principles of astrology in a systematic manner. The author is not an astrologer, but a philosopher, who would like the mini-book to be read by one and all.

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This manifesto (in Hindi) is a call for action. It seeks to inspire hope. It was written in May 1998, but is being published in 2004. Probably, it is more relevant today than it was in 1998.

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14 January, 2004

A mini-book that traces the development of political thought in India from British period to date. Easy to read unlike history that you might have read at school. Illustrated to make reading a pleasure.

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1997, (50th Anniversary of India's Independence)
Author - Anil Chawla
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This alternative to the present Constitution of India was most humbly presented to the Nation. It was originally published by Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad. The Draft proposes a new paradigm of governance. Key features include providing a role to the academic community and defence services in the governance of the country.

The Draft was released at National Symposium on the subject of Constitution of India and Alternatives organized at Bhopal on 6th September, 1998.

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This book is a collection of 26 thought provoking articles in Hindi. English versions of almost all articles are available on this website. Paperback edition was published in October 2000. Internet edition published in 2004.

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Author -
8 December 2000

It is generally presumed that the commonly prevalent system of Government in ancient India was monarchy and instances of republic were either exceptions or aberrations. This paper aims to contest this apparent view and seeks to argue that the system in ancient India was closer to a republic than a monarchy, though it differed from both in many essential matters. Printer-friendly pdf format (22 pages)

The above article is an academic one. If you want to have just the gist of the article, you may download the presentation that the author made on 28 February 2006 at National Seminar on "History And Philosophy of Indian Science - Recent Trends And Future Prospects", organized by Cell for Indian Science and Technology In Sanskrit, Department of Humanities & Social Sciences, IIT Bombay.

20 June, 1998

Download a notice sent by two Indian citizens to Union of India. Writ Petition for Supreme Court can be drafted based on the notice.

Author -
December 1996

This is not just a discussion about Common Civil Code. Polygamy, responsible sex, morality of sex, divorce, role of laws in regulation of lives of individuals - are some of the issues discussed.

Author -
12 December 2000

Hinduism has been defined in a number of ways by many thinkers. Here is an attempt to define Hinduism. Author believes that Hinduism is the most scientific religion in the world and its true nature needs to be understood.

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Author -
July 1998

Draft of Writ Petition complete with Notice to be sent. Suitable for filing at High Court. Can be modified for Supreme Court. Ideal for Small Scale Industry or association of small scale industries.

Author -
21 May 1994

This discussion paper was submitted to Shri LK Advani a few years before BJP came to power. It is not clear whether he read it. But it is a new thought that deserves your careful consideration.

Author -
28 August, 2002

Devadasis form a part of Indian cultural history. Yet, the country is ashamed to admit it. Devadasis have been maligned as prostitutes. A time to change the biased portrayal. For a complete account of the myth and reality of history and present status of Devadasis, please download this mini-book.
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A pair of short stories about love, lust and friendship in man-woman relationship. The stories show two different facets of the same coin.

4 November 2003
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This short story goes beyond the first two and explores the spiritual aspect of love. It completes the trilogy of short stories on love.

Download three articles and above three short stories in printer-friendly pdf format. Beautifully illustrated, the mini-book (33 pages) is an ideal gift for someone you love.